Join us at After the Storm
A new Alternate Universe to the Marauders’ Story! 

In After the Storm, Peter Pettigrew never betrayed the Potters, and therefore Voldemort and his followers fell before they could even get to Harry Potter. Now it is 1983 and members of the wizarding world are trying to live normal lives, as if they had not spent the past 5 years or so in a raging war. Whether they were soldiers of the Order, knights of the Death Eaters, or those who did not take part and only wished for the fighting to end, the war took its toll on every single life.

How can they survive? How can people expect to raise families and children after all that’s happened? No matter what they did or who they were involved with, the war had an impact, whether it be for better or for worse.

All face claims are negotiable and we are currently accepting oc’s of any kind! We have many open characters with beautifully written bios that are just begging to be taken up and written for. Be sure to check us out!

Open females
Open males
Open members of the Order
Open Death Eaters
Open Neutral

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